Natural Medicine

Naturopathic medicine and Chinese medicine are two forms of natural medicine, Western and Eastern, with roots extending back 4000 years.   Both systems see the patient as a whole person.  When a person is unhealthy, we look at how all the body’s systems are functioning and connect the dots to figure out the pattern of imbalances leading to disease or ill-health.  Then we use various natural remedies or techniques to restore balance to the system and treat the disease at its root.   Some of these techniques are described below:

Nutrition and Lifestyle:

What we eat often has a profound effect on how we feel.  Diet is an important part of overcoming many conditions.  Additionally, exercise and techniques to relieve stress are important factors in preventing and treating disease.  And they make life more fun!


Is a system that uses natural substances in small doses to treat the whole person.  The individual remedy is chosen based on how closely its effects mirror all the symptoms the patient is experiencing as a whole.

Herbs & Herbal Formulas:

An ancient form of medicine practice in both the West and the East.  Chinese formula prescribing is a finely tuned art, where classical formulas are modified to fit each individual, often producing deep improvements in health.


A system of applying alternating hot and cold to the body in order to change blood flow and activate the immune system.  Hydrotherapy can be done at home and helps a wide variety of common ailments, from colds to headaches.


A Chinese system that uses thin needles applied to specific points on the body. Acupuncture removes blockages and directs energy, or “qi”, to correct imbalances in the body and restore health.


A series of movements, much like tai chi, which are used as meditation and stress relief, exercise, and for promotion of overall health.


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