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From Genbook Reviews:

Sep 20, 2010
Dr. Nickels listens, treats with healing and intuition and is genuine and passionate about her life and her work. If you have tried Western medicine and feel disappointed, or if you are desiring true healing this is the place to come. I highly recommend her.

Jul 28, 2010
I have been going to see Dr. Nickels for several months now and she has always been very kind and helpful. Her desire to heal is apparent in the care and attention that she provides with each appointment. I highly recommend her.

Jan 4, 2010
Dr. Nickels pays close attention to what your needs are and definitely helped me with many of my ailments. She knows what she is doing, you won’t be disappointed. Her office is quiet and peaceful, a relaxing experience. Good location too.

From Google Reviews:

Dec 6, 2009
I had been feeling “off” for a while, like my entire life had somehow gotten off track or, at the very least, my vehicle was WAY out of alignment. Enter Dr. Melinda Nickels and Five Element Acupuncture. Despite a lifelong aversion to both doctors and needles, I quickly learned that there was no need to fear either. Dr. Nickels is gentle and caring and such a deep listener that I knew I was truly being heard. She made me laugh, all the while maintaining the utmost professional demeanor. I came out of each Five Element Acupuncture treatment feeling blissful, calm, radiant, cared for. And by the time the treatments were through, I felt infinitely more in alignment and “back on track”. It felt like the difference between seeing through smeary glasses and brand new lenses. One friend remarked that my mojo was back. I am so grateful to Dr. Nickels and her gift with acupuncture. I credit her talent (and Five Element Acupuncture) for not only helping me get my groove back, but for helping my love life get a jumpstart, as well.

Sep 6, 2009
Dr. Melinda Nickels is a very versatile and knowledgeable health care professional with a wide range of skills and techniques to offer. She analyzes each patient individually and designs a treatment program especially designed for their diagnosis, needs and goals. Focusing on the root of the problem she does not mask over the symptoms, but works toward total recovery. I have had chronic pain for most of a decade due to a logging injury and subsequent fusion of 3 cervical vertebrae. I was prescribed, by pain management specialists, a regimen of a whopping 300mg a day of oxycotin and oxycodone, plus they wanted to do a neurotomy (kill the nerve) on some of the damaged nerves that were causing the pain. I refused the surgery and stopped taking the medication, determined to find a holistic approach to managing the chronic pain. I had gone to 3 acupuncturists, a DO and numerous Physical therapists and massage therapists before finding Dr. Nickels. Now, I have been receiving treatments from Dr Nickels since January and I am pleased to report that her treatments (along with periodic chiropractic adjustments by her associate, Dr Cara Olsen) have been literally “what the Doctor (should have) ordered” to manage my pain. Although acute pain and many injuries can be completely cured, I am very satisfied that there are ways to cope with chronic pain that do not involve surgery and/or powerful narcotics. I have got my life back! I am very thankful for doctors like Melinda Nickels that care enough about their patients to continue to learn and strive for the best holistic practices. I highly recommend Dr. Nickels and her clinic to anyone suffering from chronic or acute pain. She is a caring and gifted healer!


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