Your Visit

Your first visit will average 1 1/2 hours.  This will give us time to get to know each other and allow you to share your medical history.   Follow up visits may last 1/2 hour to a full hour, depending on your condition and whether acupuncture is part of the visit.

Naturopathic and Chinese medicine are systems of healing that look beyond the Western diagnosis to the imbalances and patterns in our bodies, emotions and thoughts that underlie disease.   As a Naturopathic physician I am trained for general practice.   I often will do physical exams.  I am trained in ordering and interpreting lab values and medical imaging, and have a strong background in Western diagnosis of disease, so I can speak the same language as your other health care providers and can work with them to coordinate your treatment.

However when treating you I will often use homeopathy and herbal medicine, and will give you advice on how to incorporate healthy eating, exercise, and home remedies such as hydrotherapy in your life in order to create greater balance, and give you more control over your health and well being..  As practitioner of Chinese medicine I also integrate ancient and time tested methods of diagnosis, and may treat you with acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas, or give you Qigong* exercises to do at home

*Qigong is a practice of meditative, strengthening movements much like tai chi or yoga.


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